With the continued influence of the Latin American culture throughout media Medula the leader in digital advertising and full 360° media solutions for the U.S Hispanic and LatAm markets has announced they have launched a Spanish Video Network. With over 5 million pre roll’s in the U.S Medula’s Hispanic video network solutions allows its clients to reach its audience throughout the U.S Hispanic market. With Hispanics over-indexing in the adaptation of technology including video consumption, Medula has begun to offer a network that provides digital video solutions.

Allowing publishers the ability to showcase, syndicate their content and monetize their traffic. For those who do not have original content Medula’s video network also offers clients a premium content bank that accommodates to various cultural nuances within the U.S Hispanic and Latin American audiences. Generating a user-friendly simple video solution via its content that meets cultural relevancy in one digital video platform.

What makes Medula so special in the digital arena? Being 100% publisher owned and operated the network is comprised of premium space that includes 300 plus sites such as eluniversal.com, laprensa.hn, laprensa.ni, elheraldo.hn, libro.pe, larepublica.pe, elpopular.pe, wapa.pe, elcolombiano.com, imagen.com.mx and many more.

“Expanding our network to include premium Hispanic video content has become a priority for the company. We want to make sure we offer a quality service that encompasses a pleasant experience not only for our clients but also for our readers by delivering a quality product that speaks to our Hispanic audience.” Vicente Jubes, CEO of Medula.

Medula’s diversely comprised video library is assured to reach and engage the U.S Hispanic audience producing a higher return on investment. Making them the smart choice for all media solution needs.

By: Natalie Folgar, Marketing Manager